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Updated 16 January, 2017

Although shoots are primarily organised for models, I have in the past allowed other photographers to be involved provided the required protocols were followed.

As from the second shoot this year planned for Sunday 29 January, the maximum number of photographers at any Passionate About Photography shoot will be three. One of those photographers will be me. If you would like to be one of the other photographers at a shoot, you will need to  private message me with your request stating the shoot date and venue. A decision regarding photographers attending will be made prior to the shoot and this information will be posted on the event page for the shoot.

The other protocols for photographers have not changed and are listed below;

  • Copies of photos taken or edited by the photographers are made available to the models concerned at no cost within a week of the shoot. I have set up a Facebook page South East Queensland Photo Shoots that you can join and upload your photos.
  • All models attending a shoot are to be photographed by all photographers in attendance, unless this is specifically not required by the models concerned. Photographers are not to pick and choose who they photograph.
  • All photographs from the shoot that are published on any social media page or site will have a credit that they were taken at a Passionate About Photography shoot.


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