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Shoot Protocol for Models


Updated on 16 January, 2017

As from today, changes have been made to the shoot protocol for both Models and Photographers. Up until now, there has been no upper limit on the number attending any shoot. Unless otherwise advised for a particular shoot, the maximum number of models attending any shoot will be twenty and the maximum number of photographers will be three. Indicate your intention to attend any shoot on the particular event page on the Facebook page. I do not envisage many restrictions for models attending, and adequate notice will be given before the shoot of those who will be attending.

What to wear and what to bring?

Many of our shoots have themes. These should give you an indication of the clothes to wear and any props which may be appropriate to bring along to the shoot. You will have the opportunity to have individual shots as well as couple or small group shots if you wish, but you will need to let me know your wishes. If you have any special requests, such as head shots, let me know and these can be arranged.

No charge has been made, or will be made for models attending any of my shoots. They are and they will remain free of charge. However, there may be some costs associated with some shoots such as entry fees to facilities, or fares on transportation, which will be the model's responsibility to pay.

Participation in our photo shoots should be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all models concerned. Use our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest information on our shoots and for you to express any comments that you may have. Make sure you have "liked" our page to receive updates.

Make-up Artists, hair stylists etc., are usually not organised to be involved in any of our shoots. Models will need to do or organise their own make-up and hair styling. However, any hair stylists, fashion designers, make-up artists or others who would like to participate in any of our shoots will be made welcome. Provided sufficient notice is given, your involvement will be promoted on our Facebook page. A condition of your involvement however is that no charges will be made for your services.

Model Release Forms

Models will be required to complete and sign Model Release forms before participating in the photo shoot. The form that I use can be downloaded and completed prior to the photo shoot. A link to the download is on the left hand side of each page of this web site, or above.

Free file copies of photos

Normally within one week of the shoot, file copies of all edited photos from the shoot will be made available to the models concerned. Links to where these photos have been uploaded to will be listed on the Facebook page. Some selected photos from the shoot are also usually uploaded to Facebook.

In the past I have allowed other photographers who wished to attend my shoots to do so provided they followed the protocols I had set. As from the next shoot; 29 January, 2017; I am limiting the number of photographers who can attend any particular shoot to three, and they will have to apply and be invited to attend. They are required to post photos, or links to those photos, from the shoot on the Facebook page below  You are also welcome to join this group. South East Queensland Photo Shoots.

The site I normally use for uploading albums is my Photobucket site. When you follow the link to the site you will see thumbnails of all the shots on the site. Left clicking on any of these thumbnails will bring the image up to a page on its own.

Any of these images that you require for your own collection, simply right click on the image and choose the option “save image as” to save to a hard drive on your computer. I do not provide images on CD’s or any other way.

If at any stage in the future you would like enlargements or other photo product from your shoots, these can be easily arranged from the original files for a fair fee.

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