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Photo albums have now been produced from some of the Passionate About Photography photo shoots. I have stock of each of these albums, so if you would like a paperback copy of one or more and you live locally, I do carry some stock with me in my van, so if you are involved with any future shoots I can get them to you. (The price will be less than you would be paying through retailers)

I shall place the links below to where the books can be purchased from Amazon (USA). The books are also available from Amazon (UK) and the various Amazon Europe sites. Amazon in the UK provides free delivery locally. A book of mine which I sent to my daughter was delivered to her door the following day.

Here are the link to Amazon (USA). Just click on the appropriate book cover .

The Spit Southport




Australia Day


love Amazon


The links below are to e-book versions of the same publications available from Lulu. These can be downloaded instantly.


lulu the spit


lulu christmas



aust day lulu


Love is in the Air GP


As from the last week of April 2015, the e-books are also available on Google Play. These also can be downloaded instantly. click on the book covers to go to the appropriate pages.

The Spit Southport




Australia Day


Love is in the Air GP





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