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History and Progress (Posted Monday 16 January 2017)

Next month marks the third anniversary since Passionate About Photography photo shoots began operating. The first shoot was a fairly quiet affair, but the second month in March at Pirate’s Park in Scarborough we had a heap of participants of all ages and several photographers. Since that date numbers of both models and photographers attending shoots has varied markedly.

Generally, regardless of the assessment criteria being used, most would agree that the shoots have been successful. The majority of feedback is, and has always been positive. But, all of the people all of the time, can not always be pleased, and nor should one try to do this.

There is a natural tendency for photographers to want to work with experienced models. This is quite understandable, as generally better shots will be obtained with less effort. After our Passionate About Photography shoots had been operating for about a year, I received some complaints from parents of some young inexperienced models, that they felt some photographers were not giving their children sufficient attention. It was following this that I introduced the protocol that all photographers present were to work with all participants.

Two of the regular photographers at my shoots, who were also administrators of the Passionate About Photography Facebook page, were not happy with my edict, and went off to form their own group, Personal Projects Photography. I understand that the group is still in existence, but the two who started it are no longer involved. Since that date, I remain the sole administrator of the Passionate About Photography Facebook page.

I have tried to be flexible and introduce as few rules as possible, but, that has also created problems. There have been shoots where I have been the only person present, even although others had indicated their intention to come. There have been other occasions where I have had more photographers than models turn up. Being totally flexible and letting who ever wants to turn up come along has generally worked, but does not always, and certainly did not last Sunday.

Here is a part of a message I received from a participant following Sunday’s shoot. I have not met this person. Apparently she was there on Sunday, but was obviously late, as she was not involved in the initial discussions that models and photographers had prior to the start of the shoot as to how we would be proceeding with the shoot.

“I agree with S-------- that today was a disorganised and distressing event. I put in the effort to prepare and attend and left in disgust. M------ B-----, reviewer.”

 I have received feedback from others present at the shoot, that this “S” €¯person was whingeing about us shooting on the beach when we should have been in the park. Later she came to me whilst I was shooting models on the jetty complaining about the “shambles”€¯. When I asked her what she suggested I should do, she mentioned something about organising a group of photographers who apparently did not know what they were doing. - - - I continued with shooting.

 It has never been my intention to organise and/or train other photographers or models at any of the Passionate About Photography shoots. The primary purpose has always been for me to provide a service providing quality photographs to models for their portfolios on Model and other sites at no cost to them. In so doing I meet a lot of lovely people and have made many friends as a result of these shoots.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It can allow you to plan for future contingencies, by putting in steps and procedures to hopefully prevent future problems. But if a problem or problems has or have occurred, they can not be taken back.

 Reviewing the shoot we had on Sunday, most people I believe went away happy with the outcomes. In retrospect, there were too many models and too many photographers. I am sorry if you did not get all that you were expecting from the shoot. I know that there were models and photographers present who I didn’t get to meet, let alone work with. Those who came dressed with cosplay in mind, I am sorry I did not get to work with you. Others who had a special project in mind at the park, once again my apologies.

If you understand the situation and the reasons for it, I trust you will be involved in future shoots. That is, with the exception of M------ B-----. Anyone who can come along once to a shoot and leave such a nasty review, I do not want to meet ever.

 I have today put some changes in place so that hopefully in the future, shoots will have more control.

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