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2016 Publications


I have completed the publication of three albums on the 2016 shoots to date. Information on these albums is posted below:

Volume 4 front thumbnail

This is the largest photography album that I have published to date. It is in full colour and is a large 8.5 inches by 11 inches. (That is 22.59 cms by 27.94 cms.)  And, it has one hundred and twenty-two pages. My previous albums were around forty to fifty pages.

The paperback version  is available by clicking on the cover photo above. It will cost US$25.00 plus the cost of postage from the US. I have however ordered expedited delivery of my own stock which I should have before the end of October. If you live locally, and I shall likely be seeing you sometime soon, these will be available at a lower price than if you order directly.

Full PDF file of the publication is available for immediate download from Lulu

If you have an Amazon Kindle reader, it is available for immediate download from this link: Passionate About Photography Volume 4 - Kindle

It is also available for immediate download from Google Play Books by clicking on the link:  Passionate About Photography Volume 4 - Google Play

Both Kindle and Google give a part preview of the publication at no charge. I have however tried converting the book into a PowerPoint presentation with moderate success. The pages with writing didn’t turn out too well, but most are just photographs and the majority of these are OK. You can take a look here: PowerPoint Passionate About Photography Vol 4

I have my own authors page on Amazon USA, and all of my Amazon publications are available from there. The link is Ian McKenzie’s Amazon Author’s Page. Within a couple of weeks, the publication will be available on all Amazon sites world-wide. So if you have relative or friends in Europe, the UK, or anywhere else in the world, to whom you would like to send a copy, just find the appropriate site and do a title search. A couple of years ago I ordered a book from Amazon UK for my daughter who at the time was living there. It was delivered by post to her door two days after I placed the order, without any postage costs.


Volume 5 thumbnail

What I have said about Volume 4 above also applies to this volume, Volume 5, and the publication below, Volume 6. So, I shall just post the appropriate links below.

Printed copy, click here or on the cover above.

PDF version is available for immediate download from Lulu.

Kindle edition for immediate download

Google Play edition for immediate download

PowerPoint presentation

Volume 6 thumbnail

Printed copy click here or on the cover above.

PDF version for immediate download is available from Lulu.

Kindle version


PDF versions of all previous Passionate About Photography publications are available from My Author’s Page on Lulu.

Stock of hard copy versions of these are still held by me, or if you prefer they can be purchased from Amazon. Kindle versions of these publications available for immediate download are also available from Amazon. Go to Ian McKenzie’s Author’s Page on Amazon to access all of the above.

Other photography albums and other books published by Ian McKenzie can be found on the web site Ian’s Books

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